Vet bills can be expensive. Getting the right pet insurance need not be.

47H (1)When a loved family pet is ill or injured, it can be a difficult time for a family. The last thing you need at this time are large vet bills – no-one wants to make choices about the life of their pet based on affordability. Our pet insurance helps to take the stress out of difficult times by providing great cover at low cost.

Dog Insurance

Today many dogs are living longer, healthier lives as the quality of veterinary medicine has increased dramatically in recent years. Taking out insurance makes this quality of care affordable to all with small monthly payments to cover any necessary treatments. For example, x-rays for a small dog may cost several hundreds of pounds, and a hip replacement for a small dog around £7,000.

Cat Insurance

Cats may have nine lives, but each one can be costly to protect! Cats can live 15 years or more but can be susceptible to kidney disease and many other issues which, with the right treatment, won’t impact on their quality of life. Treating something as simple as cystitis can cost around £300, so getting the right insurance can be a smart investment.

Rabbit Insurance

Some conditions a pet can suffer from can mean treatment for the rest of its life – leaving the owner with the dilemma of a large expense or having to have the family pet put down. You can avoid this difficult decision and provide excellent care of your pet with a little foresight – pet insurance arranged by William Taylor.

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