Public Liability

Protect yourself against blame 

The litigious society we live in breeds a blame culture in which every business needs to be wary of.

If an incident occurs on your business premises, you’ll need to be sure your public liability insurance policy is strong enough to handle the pressure.

Operating in such a culture means that public liability is fast-becoming a business essential.

If you’re not appropriately insured, you could open the door to a barrage of issues, from crippling fines, loss of reputation, business closure or worse.

We’re experienced in providing policies to protect a wide variety of businesses.

A Caution, Wet Floor sign warning of a slip. Slips, trips and falls in the workplace are protected against with public liability insurance from William Taylor Insurance Services.

From slips and trips caused by trailing wires or wet floors, scalds, burns and food poisoning in cafés and restaurants or public damage caused by your machinery on a building site, we’ve got you covered.

Our public liability insurance policy can cover;

  • Legal and damages costs if you are successfully sued by a member of the public
  • Criminal defence costs
  • Claims for injuries or illnesses caused by terrorism can also be included
  • Available to small, medium and larger businesses and self-employed professionals

For many businesses, employers’ liability and public liability are necessary to forge a successful business.

We can combine these into one simple and effective liability policy with minimal hassle at an affordable price.

Give our team a call and see how we can help you.

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