Marine Insurance

Buoyant cover, steadfast support 


As keen sailors ourselves, we know that adrenalin setting out to sail.

When things get choppy, you can come to rely on your marine insurance policy and who better to assist than us?

We’ve been insuring pleasure crafts for 50 years and are motivated by covering you against those unfortunate mishaps to ensure you’re never out of the water for long.

So whether you take to the water in a super-yacht, a sailing dinghy or prefer canal adventures, we can ensure your vessel and any liabilities are protected with a carefully considered policy you can lean on if necessary.

If you need to make a claim, our first-class claims support team are at hand when and where you need it.

A dramatic sea scene with many sailing boats, all of which can be insured with William Taylor's dedicated marine insurance schemes.
A couple enjoy the luxury of a sailing boat or yacht and the peace of mind their craft is protected with marine insurance from William Taylor insurance brokers.

It’s easy to consider generic marine insurance policies as a first option, but it can often leave you short when you need to make a claim.

Some of our marine insurance features include;

  • Vessel fire, theft and accidental or malicious damage
  • Equipment and personal effects
  • Third party liability
  • Cover for when you’re in the marina and at sea

If you trade boats as a business, protecting the vessels in your care is a precarious and often dangerous role.

With 50 years of service behind us, trust that we can deliver you to safer shores with minimal hassle at an affordable price.

To find out more about our marine insurance, call us or enter our dedicated marine website below.

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