Pet Insurance

Avoid the vet bills with cover you can count on

Having to make a serious decision based on affordability is something to avoid. We provide comprehensive insurance which protects you from such situations and more.


Dog Insurance

Dogs are living longer as the quality of veterinary medicine improves every day.

High-quality care comes at a price, however.

X-rays for a small dog can cost several hundreds of pounds whilst a hip replacement may cost around £7,000. Thankfully, our pet insurance ensures such treatment is affordable, covered by small monthly payments for your premium.

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A proud dog owner strokes her dog with the peace of mind that adequate pet insurance from William Taylor is in place.
A furry kitten cared for by passionate owners supported by pet insurance from William Taylor.

Cat Insurance

Cats may well have nine lives, but each one can be costly.

Cats often live for more than 15 years but can be susceptible to kidney disease, arthritis and other issues. With specialist treatment, their quality of life can go unharmed.

That being said, even simple treatment can cost hundreds of pounds which means our cat insurance can quickly turn out to be a worthwhile, cost-effective solution to your cat’s health.

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Rabbit Insurance

Rabbits can be prone to conditions which require treatment throughout their lives.

In such circumstances, you could be left with monthly vet bills plaguing your financial situation which could, in turn, leave you to consider having your rabbit put down.

The insurance we source can ensure no such scenario occurs, giving you the comfort you and your rabbit deserve.

Whichever type of pet you own, we can help protect them from disaster. For more information or to receive a quote, just give us a call.

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A young boy stroking his rabbit, which together with cats and dogs, can be insured under pet insurance with William Taylor.

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