Public liability insurance — don’t get caught out!

You only have to watch adverts on TV to realise just how litigious our society is becoming. Things may not yet have reached the point they have in the U.S, but all too often what was once considered an accident is now taken as a reason to find someone to blame.

For most businesses, this has made public liability insurance more important than ever. But does it apply to your business? If customers or clients ever visit your premises or you ever visit theirs – and let’s face it, that covers most businesses – then yes it does.

It only takes a customer to slip over on a wet floor in your shop or a client to trip over a trailing cable in your office for a legal action to be heading your way. If you run a café or a restaurant, for example, there is a risk in of scalds and burns – not to mention claims of food poisoning. Public liability insurance protects you against real world claims like these and much more.

With competition in the market place this means that you can spend hours trying to find public liability insurance. If you buy your public liability insurance through William Taylor Insurance Services Ltd you can save yourself a great deal of time. We have the experience to do all the work and search the market to find the best deal to suit your needs.

Even better, you can get your public liability cover as part of a carefully tailored package designed to meet all the insurance needs of your particular type of business.

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