Whatever your insurance needs, we’re here to make finding the perfect insurance much simpler than hours scrolling through comparison websites.

William Taylor Insurance take the time and care to make sure that your policies aren’t just the best deal, they’re also right for your needs. When you come to make a claim you need to rest assured that there will be no escape clauses or trickiness in your policy.

As experts in the insurance business, we know that there are many ways to get the best deal, and comparison sites aren’t always the solution. The prices can look very inviting and, at first glance, a great deal… but they might not always be the best.

Sometimes you can get better deals by combining home and contents insurance, or by using multi-car packages, or using fleet insurance for company cars. Sometimes it’s best to use one insurer for all your needs, and sometimes it’s cheaper to place different policies with different companies.

William Taylor: better when you buy insurance, better when you need it.

Insurance, for whatever purpose, isn’t always about getting the lowest price. For the majority of us there will come a time when the right insurance policy will really pay off: when your pride and joy is written off, or a pipe bursts, or something is stolen from you. When this happens you need to be sure you have a policy which fully protects you and makes these difficult times easier to bear.

Our expertise allows us to navigate this complex procedure easily for you. It’s a full time job keeping up with all the different insurance companies – it should be our full time job, not yours!